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Star Wars Schoolhouse Rock

Oh, the 70’s, what a magical time. That decade gave us some of the best entertainment like Star Wars, and “edutainment” such as Schoolhouse Rock. Now they’ve been combined into a mystical gumbo of awesome sauce in this video!!



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Empire Doc surfaces yet again!!

Even more of the Empire Strikes Back BTS documentary, done by Michael Parbot, has surfaced on the interwebs. Check it out below.

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Video Epicosity Achieved!!!!!

The developers of any future Star Wars First Person style games, need to seriously consider hiring The Stunt People. This group of very talented stunt actors put together the most epic FPS lightsaber battle I’ve ever seen. Check it out below:

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MOPA Data Burst #1


Since I can’t give you the Awesome Sauce that is a full MOPA episode this week, due to a family trip for the holiday, I present the first ever Data Burst. This compact version gives you the skinny on my top picks for news from that Galaxy Far, Far Away…..


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Moralo Eval: Haunter Of Dreams!!!

Clone Wars voice actor Stephen Stanton has given fans of the dastardly Moralo Eval a couple of bonus nuggets through his YouTube channel. Moralo Eval’s Bedtime Stories are Stanton’s way of letting the younglings of the galaxy prance off to dream land to the dulcet tones of the evil Eval. I’m hoping that he’ll continue to make these, and maybe give us a few stories by our favorite Moff, Wilhuf Tarkin.

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