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LEGOs: What Dreams Are Made Of

32 Master LEGO builders, based in Klando, Czech Republic, spent over 4 months putting together an 11′ tall replica of an X-Wing!!!!! here are some images from MTV Geek, and you can check out the story on their site.


lego-xwing-mtv-geek2 lego-xwing-mtv-geek3 lego-xwing-mtv-geek4 lego-xwing-mtv-geek8


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Episode XXVII – Dial S For SQUEE!


Episode XXVII – Dial S For SQUEEEE!! is up and running. HUZZAH!

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Episode XXVI – Keeping Up With The Clones’s

Not exactly on time, but this week’s episode is available for download. I attempt to cover the last few arcs of The Clone Wars, and also throw in some bits about LEGO Star Wars, cool Merch, and the 3D releases. Enjoy!


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Paint It Black


Hasbro has announced a new series of figures, targeted at collectors, coming out later this year. The press release reads as thus:

Star Wars fans,

Yesterday, Hasbro’s new line of collector-targeted Star Wars figures, Star Wars Black, was announced on, which will include both traditional 3.75-inch action figures and a brand-new scale, 6-inch figures. Hasbro is excited to now share with you its official photography for the first 6-inch Star Wars Black figure, X-Wing Pilot Luke Skywalker. STAR WARS ® BLACK SERIES 6-INCH ACTION FIGURES (Approximate retail price: $19.99; Ages: 4 & up; Available: Fall 2013)

In 2013, Hasbro takes collectible STAR WARS action figures to the next level with the introduction of the BLACK SERIES action figure line! For the first time ever, Hasbro is introducing a 6-inch scale of the greatest characters from the STAR WARS universe. This exceptional collection of figures features incredibly accurate design and a high levelof articulation. Each sold separately.

There will be 8 Star Wars Black Series 6-inch action figures available in 2013, with the first wave—Luke, R2-D2, Darth Maul and a Sandtrooper—hitting in August.

       In recent times, I haven’t been collecting the figures as much as I’d like, but with the advent of these new 6″ figures, It may be time to start making some space on my shelves. MTFBWY.

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Mando Merch O’ The Week: ArtFX Jaina Solo





If you’ve ever had a hard time imagining how good Jaina Solo looks, ArtFX is here to help. The Bishoujo, or “beautiful girl”, style statue stands 9″ tall and portrays the Solo’s female child in the classic Alliance orange jumpsuit. One of the features I love about this piece is the slight anime style look that they give her.

If you want to add Miss Solo to your collection it’ll set you back $60, but isn’t she worth it?

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