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A Dream of Steam

Over the last few years I have been finding more and more awesome ‘Steam Punk’ related art as I browse the interwebs. One of the coolest things to me is when someone combines Steam Punk and Star Wars. Here is a beautiful example the combination, done by Mark (aka Captain Bayley), as a gift for his fiancee.


steampunk-at-at steampunk-at-at3-550x392 steampunk-at-at5-550x392


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M.O.P.A. Podcast Show Notes – Episode II: What Is Best In Life…?


Was There A Dianoga? – A woman was found in a trash compactor truck here in Springfield, Mo. This is an older story but you can get the full details @ .

JUNO Has JEDI Aboard – NASA’s JUNO mission will use a specialized piece of equipment dubbed the JEDI. Full story here, .

Chuck Vs. The Jedi Master! – Star Wars Legend, Mark Hamill, is set to star as the villain in the Season 5 premier of NBC’s geek-centric spy show CHUCK. Get the full dish @ . Also check out this awesome video CHUCK star Zachary Levi posted, .

2 Stunning Examples Of Geek Craftsmanship – The “Black Widow” @ & The “Phat Stormtrooper” @

Ain’t That Cool

 This is an awesome Web Series, that combines Norse Mythology with Steampunk themes. Also it gives us more chances to see one of the hottest women in TV history, Allison Mack! I really hope they keep doing this show. Check it out @ .

The Feature

CROM!!!!!!!! The new Conan The Barbarian movie has come out and I love it!! Although “Ahnold” doesn’t make an appearance this flick lives up to the hype. For a laugh check out the musical version of the 1982 Conan here, .

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