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LEGOs: What Dreams Are Made Of

32 Master LEGO builders, based in Klando, Czech Republic, spent over 4 months putting together an 11′ tall replica of an X-Wing!!!!! here are some images from MTV Geek, and you can check out the story on their site.


lego-xwing-mtv-geek2 lego-xwing-mtv-geek3 lego-xwing-mtv-geek4 lego-xwing-mtv-geek8


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A Dream of Steam

Over the last few years I have been finding more and more awesome ‘Steam Punk’ related art as I browse the interwebs. One of the coolest things to me is when someone combines Steam Punk and Star Wars. Here is a beautiful example the combination, done by Mark (aka Captain Bayley), as a gift for his fiancee.


steampunk-at-at steampunk-at-at3-550x392 steampunk-at-at5-550x392

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Star Wars Schoolhouse Rock

Oh, the 70’s, what a magical time. That decade gave us some of the best entertainment like Star Wars, and “edutainment” such as Schoolhouse Rock. Now they’ve been combined into a mystical gumbo of awesome sauce in this video!!


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Episode XXVIII – Let The Games Begin


This week’s episode is actually last week’s episode. I had some trouble with SoundCloud, but it’s all gravy now. Enjoy!

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Empire Doc surfaces yet again!!

Even more of theĀ Empire Strikes Back BTS documentary, done by Michael Parbot, has surfaced on the interwebs. Check it out below.

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Video Epicosity Achieved!!!!!

The developers of any future Star Wars First Person style games, need to seriously consider hiringĀ The Stunt People. This group of very talented stunt actors put together the most epic FPS lightsaber battle I’ve ever seen. Check it out below:

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MOPA Special Report: VisionCon 2013

I recently had the chance to go to VisionCon, a sci-fi, comic, I and gaming convention, held right here in my city. It was my first con and it did noy disappoint. There were so many things to see and do that I almost forgot to put anything together for the site!

But despite all the distractions I did manage to interview 3 awesome folks, while fighting the age old battle of Man Vs. Hangover.


My first interview was with artist Gerry Kissell, who’s photo realistic artwork can be seen in IDW’s Operation: Geronimo and on his site


Next I had the opportunity to talk with author John Hornor Jacobs, known for his works Southern Gods, This Dark Earth, and The Twelve Fingered Boy. To check out more of his works go to his site here, like him on Facebook, or find him on Amazon.


Last, but certainly not least, I spoke with Amanda Roberts of Geek Details. She specializes in geek inspired pinbacks, altered dishes, and other geektastic fare. To find more of her wares check out, or find them on Etsy.

Some other highlights of VisionCon were:

The amazing comedy styling of Mikey Mason.

Delver’s Drop, a Zelda-type adventure game, coming to a tablet near you from Pixelscopic.

And the “heart melting” moment of the con came when members of Garrison 66 presented our friend Gypsy with her very own set of Mandolorian armor!


A grand time was had by all, and my thanks go to my guests, Garrison 66, and all the hard working people who made VisionCon an event to remember.

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