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LEGOs: What Dreams Are Made Of

32 Master LEGO builders, based in Klando, Czech Republic, spent over 4 months putting together an 11′ tall replica of an X-Wing!!!!! here are some images from MTV Geek, and you can check out the story on their site.


lego-xwing-mtv-geek2 lego-xwing-mtv-geek3 lego-xwing-mtv-geek4 lego-xwing-mtv-geek8


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Episode XXVII – Dial S For SQUEE!


Episode XXVII – Dial S For SQUEEEE!! is up and running. HUZZAH!

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Episode XVIII – The MOPA Collector Cast

After many delays Episode XVIII is finally posted. Check it out here.

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Star Wars Merch O’ The Week


This sweet LEGO Darth Vader lamp only runs 59.99, and is an officially licensed piece of LEGO and Star Wars merchandise. Look to your favorite search engine to find a vendor near you.

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LEGO’s + Star Wars = Time Travel to 1991

When I was 5 (in 1991) it was the first time my brothers actually let me choose the movie we watched. They tried to influence my decision, but I knew exactly what I wanted to pop in the VCR…. STAR WARS!!!!!! My Mother hadn’t wanted me to see the few scenes of violence in the movie, but since that past October I turned the ripe age of 5 she decided that I was old enough to handle it and I’d been chomping at the bit for my chance to see it. Both of my brothers had a bunch of heavily abused Star Wars figures that they occasionally deigned to let me touch so my curiosity was piqued by these funny looking characters. Now it was finally the time for me to experience this cinematic event known as Star Wars, and as you can probably guess, it changed me from that day forward.

So when I watched LEGO Star Wars The Padawan Menace, it reminded me why I fell in love with Star Wars in the first place. I loved the action and adventure combined with the humor that created the sense of wonder that every child should have in their life. It made me feel like I was watching A New Hope all over again.

Lucas Animation and Cartoon Network hit one out of the park with this one. They have it coming out on DVD and Blu-Ray Sept. 16th with an exclusive, collectible “Young Han Solo” minifigure.

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