Descended From A Long Line, From a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

GeekyPinups has just come out with a line of Star Wars themed Coat of Arms prints. The artwork is 5″ x 7″, and is limited to 250 pieces a run. GeekyPinups said that they will take orders for custom character designs from customers.

The GPU team posted this description to explain the composition of the Coats, and what they contain

Example of Arms Explanation or Blazon for Admiral Ackbar :

On a field of blue, symbolic of the sky on his home world of Mon Calamari a silver trident sinister, denoting his military service to the rebellion against the Galactic Empire. Below a crested field of black, symbolic of the deepest part of the ocean on his home world and of how deep his commitment is to the new republic, three escallops white, symbolic of the three siblings of Ackbar’s family who gave service to the New Republic. A Mantel of Gold and purple below a scroll displaying a motto of My Water My Planet. The lower scroll displays his famous quote from the battle of the second Death Star “It’s a Trap”.


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