Episode IX – Maul Is Back Baby!!!

‘Star Tours Origins’ Is An Awesome Tribute

            Filmmaker Gregory Noacco has made an amazing tribute video to the original Star Tours, as it was before the 2010 revamp. Produced independently from Disney and Lucasfilm, Noacco took over six months to recreate the computer generated joyride, and also made it available in 3D! I’ve posted the link and video on the blog.

Star Wars Last Supper Mosaic –

Artist Avinash Arora has updated his beautiful Star Wars Last Supper, and made it even more astounding. Using 70,448 frames from the Star Wars Saga the new image is a whopping 900dpi. You can see the new version and download it at his website.

Ackbar Speaks! (And It Has Nothing To Do With Traps!!)

San Fransisco Chronicle writer Peter Hartlaub, had a chance to sit down with Erik Bauersfeld, the voice of Admiral Ackbar and Bib Fortuna. He talks about his involvement in Star Wars and what his carrer has meant to him. Check out the video below.

I also came across this Behind The Scenes look at the making of Akbar, which is narrated by the sultry tones of Billy Dee Williams!!

Star Wars Swag –

Blastr.com recently posted it’s top pick of Star Wars goodies from this years Toy Fair. Check them out here. Personally I’m partial to the Millenium Falcon/Death Star bottle openers, and the spot on sculpt of the new Star Wars Vintage Tarkin figure.

TOR Shirts That Rock –

J!NX.com just launched a brand new series of 12 Star Wars: The Old Republic t-shirt designs available in men’s and women’s sizes. These look amazing, and I might have to pick one up for my wife too!

Amanda Lucas, The Fist Of The Empire –

Amanda Lucas wins the open weight womens championship in Japan, and had Vader and some Stormtroopers on hand to help her celebrate. See the Win here.

UGO Lists the Top 10 Star Wars Bounty Hunters –

The folks over at UGO.com put together their picks for the Top 10 Bounty Hunters from the Star Wars universe. The choices are pretty standard, but the opinions on why they were made are pretty interesting. See the list here.


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