Sad News For Zahn Fans

Author, and Star Wars EU Legend, Timothy Zahn made an unfortunate announcement on his Facebook page this week. Due to low sales of the Heir to The Empire 20th Anniversary Edition there are currently no plans to do similar editions of the remaining Thrawn trilogy books. In his post Zahn states:

“Since many of you have asked about 20th Anniversary editions of Dark Force Rising and The Last Command, here’s the latest from Shelly:

It is now probable that next year will *not* see a special edition of DFR. However, she does leave open the possibility that if there’s a groundswell of sales on the Heir 20th, it’s *possible* that the Higher-Ups at Del Rey will reverse that decision.

I’m certainly not trying to push anyone here (an author pushing people to buy books? Inconceivable!), but merely passing on information.”

As a fan of the EU, and Timothy Zahn in particular I am saddened to hear that there might not be any more anniversary edition novels.


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One response to “Sad News For Zahn Fans

  1. That’s really disappointing. I was looking forward to see the other books in special editions.

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